Lanz Group have been fortunate enough to be the primary supplier of skips for Richardson Roofing for the last 14 years on the Heathrow Vortex Scheme.

The contract involves Richardson Roofing re-roofing houses in the Heathrow area when a “vortex strike” hits the roof of homes surrounding Heathrow Airport. The “vortex strike” lifts the tiles off the roof and is caused by a rush of air movement from a plane coming in to land at the airport.

To keep the residents around Heathrow happy, the repairs need to be executed quickly and thoroughly. The refit process requires the stripping of the old tiles from the roof.  Those discarded tiles and batoning are disposed of in a skip, provided by Lanz Group.

On time delivery and collection of the skip is essential as the owners of the houses do not want a skip outside their premises for any longer than necessary.

Lanz Group understands that service is the priority on this contract and has more than managed to meet the project requirements with our prompt and reliable service, therefore enabling Richardson Roofing to fulfil their contract with their customer, BAA.


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Heathrow Vortex Scheme