Our Services in Slough and throughout Berkshire

Road Sweeper

Our full-service road sweeper helps our customers across the Thames Valley keep their construction sites and surrounding roadways clean. Our professional drivers will make sure your sites and roads are swept clean on schedule.

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Waste Recycling

With our comprehensive approach to waste recycling and rubbish collection, our customers can request a report detailing waste percentages, ensuring our commitment to minimise waste disposal to landfill.

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Recycled Materials

Deeply committed to recycling, we offer a range of recycled materials for re-sale. We can provide crushed concrete direct from our depot at Colnbrook and various materials specific to your requirements.

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Land Restoration

Highly experienced in land restoration, Lanz Group can support major projects across the Thames Valley, like golf course construction and landfill capping.

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Waste Management

With our teams’ extensive knowledge and expertise of the waste industry and fleet of vehicles, we are professionally equipped to meet all of your waste collection and disposal requirements.

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Skip Hire

With our extensive range of skips and fleet of specialist tipper lorries, road sweepers, roll-on/roll-off lorries, skip lorries, and grab lorries, we are professionally equipped to meet all our of your waste collection and disposal requirements.


Roll On Roll Offs

We offer a comprehensive rubbish collection service with our roll-on roll-off lorries.  Delivered wherever and whenever you need them, we are your partner in rubbish removal, collecting and emptying them on an ‘as needed’ or on a pre-arranged schedule.

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Wheelie Bins

Our comprehensive wheelie bin service allows us to provide the right rubbish solution for your business or organisation. Our versatile and easily managed wheelie bin is great for day-to-day rubbish as well as recyclable cardboard.

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Tipper Hire

Our fleet of tipper lorries are available to hire for excavation work, day work hire, and delivery or collections of materials.  Maintained to the highest standards, our professional drivers will make sure your deliveries or collections are kept on schedule.

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Grab Hire

Operated safely and efficiently, our small fleet of grab lorries can handle the collection and removal of any size or shape of rubbish.  Rest assured, our approach to rubbish collection and management means we will get the job done right and on the agreed schedule.

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