UPDATE: July 2013 – This consultation is now closed.

Ever since its founding in 1943, Lanz Group has been committed to the local community and strives to operate in a way that not only respects its neighbours, but also that contributes to that community. As it looks to expand its capacity to deliver quality services to the businesses across the southeast of the UK, Lanz Group has launched a public consultation forum.

The new consultation forum, which will be online for the duration of the consultation process, can be accessed at https://www.lanzgroup.net/consultation (or via the green button at the very top right corner of this page.) Lanz Group invites members of the local community to join the forum to offer their views on the consultation topics.

For more information about Lanz Group and its services, or to learn about its consultation process, please contact Bob Leach, Transport & General Manager on 01753 682005 or via bob.leach@lanzgroup.net.

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