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Waste Collection for Businesses

Our Commercial Waste Services 

Commercial Wheelie Bin Service operation in West London, Slough, Berkshire, Thames Valley & surrounding counties

Our services are tailored to a frequency that is convenient to you and your business, making our commercial wheelie bins an ideal solution for your waste management needs to be met efficiently at an affordable rate.

We provide multiple sizes of large wheelie bins and commercial wheelie bins for our clients to use as required including :

  • 1100 litre bin
  • 660 litre bin

We allow you to hire as many bins as needed within the terms of our business agreement.

This also means that you can decide on how long you need the commercial bins for, and how often they should be collected too

This gives you the ultimate  flexibility and ease of use to maintain your businesses waste management needs with ease.

Our Large Wheelie Bins for Businesses

Our Commercial Wheelie Bin Services

Lanz Group supplies user-friendly, commercial-sized wheelie bins to businesses across West London and surrounding areas.

These large wheelie bins can be used for multiple purposes, tackling any waste management challenge your business may face.

The size of bins that we provide includes:

1m x 1.26m – commonly known as the 1100 litre wheelie bin.

660 litre wheelie bins.

Unsure which size you need? We offer a ‘no-obligation’ site survey to establish the right wheelie bin that suits your business needs.

As a no contract operator, we provide a flexible commercial waste solution based on a daily/weekly service to a frequency to suit your requirements.

Why Use Lanz for Wheelie Bin Services?

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Why Choose Lanz Group

Lanz Group has been providing waste management services for over 80 years. 

We have been providing our wheelie bin hire operation in West London, Slough, Berkshire, Thames Valley & surrounding counties for years. 

This has given us the chance to work with countless happy clients who have chosen us for our professionalism, courtesy and the unmatched commercial wheelie bin services we provide.

Our business is not restrained by typical waste management issues like overbooking and poor infrastructure. 

Being a small, experienced business, we’re able to be flexible and go the extra mile for our clients, tailoring our services and giving leeway wherever we can to provide a service second to none.

Safety is at the heart of every service that we offer and our wheelie bin hire is no exception. Whether it’s the 660-litre bin hire or the commercial sized 1100 litre bin, and wherever it is in West London, we treat each and every client with the same level of safety and professionalism to ensure your waste management needs are met properly from start to finish.

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Our clients mean the world to us and are proud to say we are rated 5 stars on Google and Facebook.

Commercial Waste FAQs

How Often Are The Commercial Bins Collected?

We operate as a client-focused organisation, ensuring that with no contract, we can make sure that your wheelie bin hire is customised to your process requirements.

As part of our agreement, we can arrange daily collections as well as weekly collections to ensure that you have no issues throughout our service.

We are more than happy to discuss this with you further and ensure you have the service that is right for your business.

How Long Can I Hire Lanz Group Bins?

The service that we provide for our commercial wheelie bins is flexible.

Generally, we will cater to you however needed provided we have the resources to do so.

Generally, this may span weeks to months, but this is tailored to you.

We will provide you with all of the information that you need to make a decision that is well suited to your precise needs.

How Many Bins Can I Hire?

We have multiple large and commercial wheelie bins for your business and can provide as many as required for your ongoing operation.

Our services operate on a no-contract basis, so there is no minimum or maximum number that you have to work with.

As your organisational requirements change, we will aim to work around you and mould our services to your needs.

Small enough to care
Big enough to deliver

Established for 80 years, Lanz Group has remained family-owned becoming the leading commercial waste management provider for businesses in West London, Berkshire and surrounding counties

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