Lanz Group grab lorry

"If I ask for 20 or 30 loads out a day, then that's what I'll get. If I ask for a muck-away lorry or a load of materials first thing, then that's when it comes. "

Gary Putnam, SPH Groundworks

Grab Hire

At Lanz Group, we run a fleet of grab lorries that can handle the collection and removal of any size or shape of rubbish. Our trained, professional drivers operate our grab lorries safely and efficiently. Our safety-focussed approach to rubbish collection and management means that you are rest assured that our grab hire service will get the job done right and done on the agreed date.

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Grab Hire for Muck Away

A Lanz Group grab lorry for muck away

As a waste management company in the Thames Valley, we are committed to investing in our fleet of grab lorries and other rubbish collection equipment. We pride ourselves on the quality of our grab hire service and we invite you to contact us today to learn about how our grab muck away and rubbish service can be of benefit to you and your company.

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A Versatile Delivery and Muck Away Service

At Lanz Group, our grab hire service can arrange for the delivery of aggregates and recycled materials to your site. Once those materials are safely delivered, we can then remove and dispose of any muck, soil or rubbish that is on site.