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Waste Recycling

At Lanz Group, we are committed to waste recycling. It is our policy and practice to recycle as much rubbish and waste as we can. This environmentally friendly approach is not only in keeping with the government’s policies of reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, it allows our customers to reduce their own non-recycled waste.

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Waste Recycling Transfer Station

Lanz Group's waste recycling transfer station

Our waste recycling and transfer station, located in Colnbrook, Slough, half a mile west of Heathrow, is a core aspect of our waste management solution. From our transfer station, our professional team separates the collected rubbish, using a state of the art sorting machine. This modern waste recycling machine enables us to ensure that as much material as possible is recycled for reuse.

Waste Recycling Reports

Committed to supporting the government’s focus on reducing landfill waste, our sorting and recycling equipment enables us to provide our customers with detailed waste reports which highlight waste type percentages and weights. This waste management reporting system ensures that our customers know how much of their rubbish is recycled and how much is sent to landfill.

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